is the e-commerce site created in 2020 by SEPRA SRL

SEPRA has been active for more than thirty years in the marketing of components for water treatment plants and fluid management. Our company stands out for its dynamism in proposing innovative technologies that, through constant talks with our suppliers, arealso realized with customized solutions.

SEPRA was a pioneer in the introduction of membrane separation technologies; in fact, the first agreement with the American manufacturer Osmonics, then a leader in the production of wound spiral membranes, dates back to 1983.

Since then, our Company instead of limiting its activity has increasingly expanded its offer in terms of marketing and production of components for fluid separation and management systems. This has also been possible thanks to strict agreements with the world’s leading membrane manufacturers, allowing the expansion of the range of products and accessories developed specifically for the needs of our customers.

In fact, SEPRA makes available a wide range of membrane elements for tangential filtration processes with variousfiltering media (polymeric and inorganic). The field of filtration processes of our interest ranges from MICROFILTRATION to REVERSE OSMOSIS, through ULTRAFILTRATION and NANOFILTRATION. In additionto membranes, a wide range of accessories and related technologies are available such as pretreatment, chemical assays, UV treatment, oil removal and many more. A certainimportance is also given to the construction of real pilot plants which allow universities, laboratories and user companies to carry out research operations.

Since the 2000s, the activity of the gas division has been added to the activity concerning membranes for liquidseparation The first gas/liquid mixing systems were developed and mainly used for the dissolution of oxygen and ozone. Theywere then followed by the supply of ozone generators and all related accessories. The combination of these technologies has also made possible the creation of patents for biological treatment via MBR. was created to make these technologies more easily available to OEMs, engineering companies and EPC Contractors.