Ultraviolet rays are one of the most convenient and effective means for disinfecting water and air.

Thanks to the physical principle on which gold is based germicidal power, they act only where there is need, without generating harmful by-products.

The UV-C light emitted by special mercury vapour lamps is lethal to any micro-organism (bacteria, viruses, moulds, algae, etc.); for this reason the water coming out of a UV-C sterilizer is microbiologically stable, without danger linked to overdose.

This is particularly important for use upstream of membrane systems.

UV-C sterilizers are used both in the treatment of primary water (chemical and food industries, aqueducts, municipalities, springs, aquariums, hospital and school facilities, restaurants) and in the treatment of waste water.

UV-C radiation can also be used to intensify the action of chemical oxidants ( hydrogen peroxide, paracetic acid, ozone).

Sepra’s range of disinfectors covers treated water flow rates from 5 to 1350 m3.

In all cases, UV lamps are protected by quartz tubes and completely insulated from the hydraulic part; the lamps can be replaced from outside the luminaire.

All the devices have been designed to be installed in a simple way, to carry out maintenance without the use of any tools and easy inspection through the opening side.

For availability and estimates of other models send a request.

Model list

UV sterilizer 107

Lamps: N° x power Watt 1x12; Portata max: l/min 5

€ 143.00
UV sterilizer 403

Lamps: N° x power Watt 1x16; Portata max: l/min 10

€ 325.00
UV sterilizer 440 AL

Lamps: N° x power Watt 1x40, Max Flow: l/min 60

€ 779.00
UV sterilizer 405 LCD

Lamps: N ° x power Watt 1x30, Max flow rate: l / min 18

€ 613.00
UV sterilizer 412 LCD

Lamps: N ° x power Watt 1x40, Max flow rate: l / min 45

€ 776.00
UV sterilizer 440 LCD

Lamps: N ° x power Watt 1x40, Max flow rate: l / min 60

€ 1063.00
UV sterilizer 450 LCD

Lamps: N ° x power Watts 2x40, Max flow rate: l / min 75

€ 1145.00
UV sterilizer 480 LCD

Lamps: N ° x power Watt 1x80, Max flow rate: l / min 85

€ 1480.00