Ozone Generator

Ozone is a triatomic oxygen molecule that has the characteristic of being a strong oxidant without leaving any kind of residue on the final product.

Ozone generators starting from the oxygen in the air, produce ozone that, among other things, allows you to easily eliminate viruses, germs, bacteria and mold

With the use of the latter improves the shelf-life, the quality of process water, the hygiene of machinery and products, while drastically reducing the purging of washing water, odors in the working environment and the use of chemicals.

They can be used in various fields, including:

- DAIRY SECTOR for the disinfection of cells, for process water and for the regeneration of brines.

- FRUIT and VEGETABLE SECTOR for the maintenance of cold rooms, for the washing of products and for process water

- FISH BREEDING SECTOR for shellfish relaying, farmed water and fish washing.


- SWIMMING POOL SECTOR in which ozone replaces chlorine in order to improve the quality of the water in the tank and to eliminate the unpleasant smell of dissolved chlorine.

For availability and estimates of other models send a request.

Model list

Ozone generator for laboratory use, from 4 to 8 gO3/h

Feed: Air/oxigen; Ozone concentration from 8 up to 60 mg/l

€ 4490.00