Absolute Filters Holders

The containers have been developed for use on sanitary applications such as filtration of beverages, wine, juices, minerals, water, soft drinks and nutraceuticals.
This is used for various types of "absolute filters", It made of AISI 316L stainless steel, resistant up to 10 bar and sanitary type construction.
It has been designed in compliance with the EN 13445 standard. The complete series is available in different sizes, single or multi-cartridge of different sizes

PRESSURE RANGE: up to 10 bar at 40 ° C and up to 4 bar at 150 ° C.

SURFACE FINISH: inside and outside Electropolishing

ROUGHNESS inside the filter with product contact: Ra <0,8μm

Suitable for housing absolute pleated cartridges with COD7 couplings (Bayonet couplings type 226 / and fin type FIN)

Model list

Absolute Filters Holder

FCA 1-20

€ 749.00
Absolute Filters Holder

FCA 1-30

€ 788.00
Absolute Filters Holder

FCA 3-30

€ 2057.00