SEPA CF high pressure pilot plant

€ 17500.00

SEPA CF pilot plant High pressure RO including:

- Sepa CF consisting of Holder, AISI316 cell and valves

- Assembled high pressure pumping unit comprising:

        > Volumetric piston pump, body in AISI 316 capacity 7 l/min. Pmax: 70bar

        > Motor 2.2 kW three-phase power supply

        > Pulsation dampener

        > Safety valve AISI316

- Hand pump for cell pressurization

- Spacer set and polymer membrane sheet set MF/UF/NF Size: 30cmX30cm

- AISI 304 tank, volume 4 litres

Operating Pressure: 0 bar/70 bar


- Flat sheet membranes

Weight: 40.00 kg

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