QUICK SDI analyzer

€ 4791.00

The user simply has to insert the filter disk, connect the instrument to a sample socket and press the start button. The instrument automatically performs all the measurement cycles and indicates on the display the SDI value at the end of the test.

There is therefore no need for stopwatches, graduated cylinders, calculators, etc.

In less than 20 minutes, 5, 10 and 15 minute SDI measurements will be available.

Calibration in the field possible

Extremely easy to use

Portable and ultralight

Shockproof plastic case

Sensitivity up to 0.2 SDI units

The display returns the result until the next reset

Continuous reading of the flow rate in ml / min


The automatic tool consists of:

  • a stainless steel feed pump
  • Impact-resistant plastic housing
  • complete measurement kit
  • the LCD monitor showing the results.
  • 12 VDC power supply
  • Pressure gauge
  • Online prefilter
  • 0.45 µm membrane set for the SDI test
  • Manual

QUICK SDI is equipped with Lithium Polymer battery for more tests per charge, lighter weight and longer life, a built-in prefilter, to ensure that the flow sensor is protected from particulates, and a dual pressure regulator design, that provides safe operation up to 100psi and improves accuracy by regulating the pressure to the test regulator.

QUICK SDI uses ASTM D4189-14 compliant .45 micron, 47 mm, MCE membranes for standards compliance and consistent test results.

QUICK SDI is housed in a rugged crush-proof case. No flimsy tissue-thin plastic here.

Dimensions Inch (mm) Wide Deep High 14.0 (356) 11.25 (286) 4.75 (121)

Weight 6 pounds, (2.7kg)

Electrical Battery Type:   6 Volt, 3000 mAH Lithium Polymer (LiPo) Power Supply:  5VDC, USB-A Port charger, (e.g. phone, tablet or other device charger (user supplied))

Sample Water Requirements

Feed Pressure  35 psi minimum, 100 psi maximum. (Booster pump available.) Minimum flow rate  1.4 Liters per minute at 35 psi at start of test. Flow decreases during test. Temperature  100°F maximum. (Max 1°F variation during test) Solids  Free of large solids. Filter to 50 micron minimum.

Tests Performed 

SDI5 Range: 0-20  100ml and 500 ml sample volumes 

SDI10 Range: 0-10  100 ml and 500 ml sample volumes 

SDI15 Range: 0-6.7  100 ml and 500 ml sample volumes

Applicable Standard ASTM D4189-07 (2014)

Weight: 2.70 kg

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