Valisette ceramic membranes

€ 2145.00

Valisette is designed for choosing the most adapted membranes for your application. This equipment allows operation of separation in Mcrofiltration, Ultrafiltration and Nanofiltration rages.

Whit its hold up volume, this unit allows to treat solutions containg micro-patices with a iew to do operations for concentration or sterile purification:

Cells, yeast, fungi, bacteria, virus, enzymes, ammino acids, pyrogen free of active principles and culture medium.

Continuous fermentation by the elimination of growth inhibitors and/or metabolites.

Valisette laboratory test includes:

  • 1 laboratory carter Ø 10 mm x L = 250 mm for ceramic membrans
  • Gaskets supplied in 3 materials (EPDM/SILICONE/VITON gaskets) for  the membranes tightness
  • 2 clamp  ends DN 38 ribbed DN 8 for the retentate
  • 2 clamp collars for retentate outlat with their EPDM gaskets
  • Valisette case
  • 9 sites for the membranes, to choose after considering application in MF, UF, NF range. These membranes are sold as an option. 

Please choose membranes on


Weight: 15.00 kg

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