The data processing carried out by Sepra S.r.l. consists of the collection of names and related email addresses of existing or potential users of the service offered in order to promote products, fairs or events and to send newsletters.

The service offered by Sepra S.r.l. it is not accessible if the requested data is not provided.

The data controller is Sepra S.r.l. and the processing activity takes place within the EU. If the requested information is not respected, the site will not be accessible and no information will be processed or stored.

To contact Sepra S.r.l. and to have information on the processed data, it is possible to request a list of the processed data relating to the same person; you can send an email to to get the information above.

The user is entitled to:

  • be informed about data processing;
  • oppose the processing in case of: direct marketing, scientific, historical or statistical research and legitimate interest or even in the execution of a public interest activity or for an official authority;
  • request information regarding the treatment and receive a reply within two working days;
  • obtain the cancellation of any information regarding his profile in the event that the data are no longer necessary or are obtained or managed illegally;
  • obtain the data concerning your profile and forward them to another data controller;
  • request a limitation of the processing of personal data in specific cases;
  • request the modification of any incorrect, inaccurate or incomplete data;
  • request that the processing of your data be carried out by physical persons and not by computers or automated mechanisms;
  • withdraw the consent to the processing of data previously provided;
  • Report illegal activities to the DPA (Data Protection Authority).

As per GDPR regulation, all data will be stored in a reserved area of ​​the company server under adequate protection.

The Data Processor is Giancarlo Tanzi.

The Distributors who carry out the processing operations are the Commercial Secretariat and the Product Managers, who can be contacted at the address

Sepra S.r.l. Via Como 69 / A 20811 Cesano Maderno

tel: +39 0362575451 - fax: +39 0362575091