Absolute Filters

For the wine industry

The absolute cartridge filters (pleated) are suitable and recommended for usage in special filtrations, and are now very common in the wine industry.

The cartridges are built with raw materials selected to guarantee use on food liquids in accordance with the FDA CFR21 regulation. This type of cartridge tolerates a variety of chemical compounds, used in cleaning and sanitizing after use.

All cartridge support components are made of high purity polypropylene and the cartridges are manufactured and assembled in a sterile environment to minimize the possibility of contamination.

Sterilization temperature (max 30 minutes) at 110 - 125 ° C

Maximum working temperature 80 - 85 ° C

Model list

Absolute Pleated Filter 30" 0,2 micron

Porosity: 0,2 micron; 30"

€ 189.00
Absoute Pleated Filter 130

Porosity: 1 micron; 30"

€ 65.00
Absoute Pleated Filter 30"

Porosity: 3 micron; 30"

€ 65.00
Absoute Pleated Filter 30" (5 micron)

Porosity: 5 micron; Length: 30"

€ 65.00