Membratest low pressure pilot plant

€ 13841.40

  • This multifunctional plant allows the verification of the feasibility of separation processes through tangential filtration (microfiltration, ultrafiltration, nanofiltration and reverse osmosis)  reproducing on a reduced scale the fluid-dynamic structure of industrial plants.


    The plant includes :

    • Centrifugal preload pump
    • Pressure pump with a maximum pressure of 20 Bar
    • pre-filter cartridge 9" 3/4 (AISI network, supplied with the appliance or in polypropylene fibre)
    • Housing for high pressure wound spiral polymer membrane element
    • Control valves, connecting pipes and pressure gauges
    • Support frame in AISI 304


    To use  it is sufficient to connect the instrumentation to a process line with the liquid to be treated or to a supply tank previously loaded with an appropriate quantity of sample liquid (normally 10-100 liters) that can also be used for washing. This technology therefore makes it possible to carry out separation by sample, batch or continuous, also allowing the alternation between polymer and ceramic module.


    The high adaptability of Membratest allows the verification of the performance of different types of membrane with limited use of resources (time and material cost) allowing the obtaining of significant scale data regarding the prediction of the effectiveness of separation (rejection data), permeability, the evolution of soiling and and about the most suitable washing methods for the desidered industrial process. The user can thus assess the feasibility of a process and produce a forecast of cost, investment and operation.

    For this equipment is available a wide range of optional accessories such as

    • Housing for tubular ceramic diaphragm element with connecting pipes
    • Fuel tank ( both mounted on the support frame and supplied separately and connected via hose)
    • Temperature control system (resistance in the tank or outer jaket liner of the tank for hot and cold water passage)
    • Automatic compressed air valves (compressed air line with pressure of 6 Bar required)
    • Visual flow meters for concentrate and permeate
    • PLC with software for production, washing, rinsing and storage
    • Transmitters of :

    -          Flow rate

    -          Conductivity

    -          Pressure

    -          PH


    For information about these accessories you can contact us before purchasing by clicking here


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